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Branch: Computer Science & Engineering

IdFile NameSemesterCategoryAction
247Web-Technology-2022-Odd-3-SEM.pdf3Previous Year Questions
246Digital-Electronics-and-Microprocessor-2022-Odd-3-SEM.pdf3Previous Year Questions
245Computer-Programming-Through-C-2022-Odd-3-SEM.pdf3Previous Year Questions
244Computer-Organization-and-Architecture-2022-Odd-3-SEM.pdf3Previous Year Questions
36Web Technology model question 3Model Sets
57Computer Programming Through 'C'unit-23Notes
90Computer Organisation and Architecture Unit 13Notes
91Computer Organisation and Architecture Unit 33Notes
92Computer Organisation and Architecture Unit 43Notes
93Computer Organisation and Architecture Unit 53Notes
94Computer Organisation and Architecture Unit 23Notes
153Digital Electronics and Microprocessors Question Paper 2013(Even)4Previous Year Questions
416Multimedia Technology 2023 Odd5Previous Year Questions
415Mobile Computing 2023 Odd5Previous Year Questions
414Computer Hardware and Networking 2023 Odd5Previous Year Questions
413OOP through Java 2023 Odd5Previous Year Questions
335Oop through Java 2022 Odd Supp/Comp.5Previous Year Questions
334OOP throgh C++ 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions
310Mobile Computing 2022 Odd 5th Semester5Previous Year Questions
307Java 2021 Odd 5th Semester5Previous Year Questions
305Multimedia Technology 2022 Odd 5th Semster5Previous Year Questions
304Computer Hardware and Networking 2022 Odd 5 Sem5Previous Year Questions
289Internet of Things Lab (Basics) Model Questions5
284Computer Hardware and Networking Unit-045Notes
283Computer Hardware and Networking Unit-055Notes
282Computer Hardware and Networking Unit-035Notes
281Computer Hardware and Networking Unit-025Notes
280Computer Hardware and Networking Unit-015Notes
279Computer Hardware and Networking Question Bank5Question Banks
276OOPs through Java Unit-03 Notes5Notes
275OOPs through Java Unit-02 Notes5Notes
274OOPs through Java Unit-01 Notes5Notes
273OOPs through Java Unit-07 Notes5Notes
272OOPs through Java Unit-06 Notes5Notes
271OOPs through Java Unit-04 Notes5Notes
270OOPs through Java Unit-05 Notes5Notes
269Multimedia Technology Unit-01 notes5Notes
268Multimedia Technology Unit-5 MCQ5Notes
267Multimedia Technology Unit-4 MCQ5Notes
266Multimedia Technology Unit-3 notes5Notes
265Multimedia Technology Unit-2 notes5Notes
264Multimedia Technology Unit-5 notes5Notes
262Multimedia Technology Unit-4 notes5Notes
261Multimedia Technology Unit-1 MCQ5Notes
260Multimedia Technology Unit-2 MCQ5Notes
259Multimedia Technology VVI Questions5Notes
258Mobile Computing VVI Questions5Notes
257Mobile Computing unit-04 MCQ5Notes
256Mobile Computing unit-03 MCQ5Notes
255Mobile Computing unit-02 MCQ5Notes
254Mobile Computing unit-01 MCQ5Notes
253Mobile Computing unit-015Notes
252Mobile Computing unit-055Notes
251Mobile Computing unit-025Notes
250Mobile Computing unit-035Notes
249Mobile Computing unit-045Notes
152Internet and web technology (IWT) Question Paper 2019(Odd)5Previous Year Questions
628Data Science 6th Sem Notes6Notes
614Emtreprenuership & Start-ups Unit-66Notes
613Internet of Things Advance6Previous Year Questions
612Computer Network Security6Previous Year Questions
611Software Engineering6Previous Year Questions
610Entrepreneurship and Start-up6Previous Year Questions
563Data Science 6Previous Year Questions
309Multimedia 2019 Even 6th Semester6Previous Year Questions
308Multimedia 2020 Even 6th Semester6Previous Year Questions

Branch: Common

IdFile NameSemesterCategoryAction
627Test file1 and 2Syllabuses
571FEEE Lab1 and 2Practical Notes
570Cybersecurity Term Work1 and 2Term Works
328Mathematics-I-2022-Odd-1-Year1 and 2Previous Year Questions
327Applied-Physics-II-2023-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
326Applied-Chemistry-2022-Odd-1-Year1 and 2Previous Year Questions
325Communication-Skills-in-English-2022-Odd-1-Year1 and 2Previous Year Questions
324Fundamental-of-Electrical-and-Electronics-Engineering-2022-Odd-1-Year1 and 2Previous Year Questions
323Applied-Physics-I-2022-Odd-1-Year1 and 2Previous Year Questions
322Fundamental-of-Electrical-and-Electronics-Engineering-2023-Even-1-Year1 and 2Previous Year Questions
321Engineering Mechanics 2023 Even1 and 2Previous Year Questions
320Introduction to IT Systems 2023 Even1 and 2Previous Year Questions
243Mathematics-II-2022-Odd-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
242Mathematics-II-2022-Odd-1-Year (1).pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
241Mathematics-II-2021-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
240Mathematics-I-2023-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
239Mathematics-I-2021-Odd-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
238Mathematics-II-2022-Even-1-Year1 and 2Previous Year Questions
237Introduction-to-IT-Systems-2022-Odd-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
236Introduction-to-IT-Systems-2022-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
235Introduction-to-IT-System-2021-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
234Fundamental-of-Electrical-and-Electronics-Engineering-2022-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
233Fundamental-of-Electrical-and-Electronics-2021-Odd-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
232Engineering-Mechanics-2022-Odd-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
231Engineering-Mechanics-2022-Odd-1-Year (1).pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
230Engineering-Mechanics-2022-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
229Engineering-Mechanics-2021-Even-1-Year.pdf.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
228Engineering-Graphics-2023-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
227Engineering-Graphics-2021-Odd-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
224Communication-Skills-in-English-2023-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
223Communication-Skills-in-English-2021-Odd-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
222Applied-Physics-II-2022-Odd-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
219Applied-Physics-II-2021-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
218Applied-Physics-I-2023-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
217Applied-Physics-I-2021-Odd-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
216Applied-Chemistry-2023-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
215Applied-Chemistry-2021-Even-1-Year.pdf1 and 2Previous Year Questions
226Discrete-Mathematics-2022-Odd-3-SEM.pdf3Previous Year Questions
225Computer-Programming-Through-C-2022-Odd-3-SEM.pdf3Previous Year Questions
412Internet of Things (Basics) 2023 Odd5Previous Year Questions
306Internet of Things 2022 Odd 5th Semester5Previous Year Questions
294Internet of Things (Basics) Unit-055Notes
293Internet of Things (Basics) Unit-045Notes
292Internet of Things (Basics) Unit-035Notes
291Internet of Things (Basics) Unit-025Notes
290Internet of Things (Basics) Unit-015Notes
577Entrepreneurship and Start-up (TW)6Term Works

Branch: Mechanical Engineering

IdFile NameSemesterCategoryAction
248QCAD Term Work3Term Works
514Measurements And Metrology 4th Semester PYQ4Previous Year Questions
513Thermal Engineering 2 4th Semester4Previous Year Questions
512Tool Engineering 4th Semester PYQ4Previous Year Questions
526Production and Operation Management 5th Semester 2023(odd)5Previous Year Questions
511Automobile Engineering 5th Semester5Previous Year Questions

Branch: Civil Engineering

IdFile NameSemesterCategoryAction
345Rural Construction Technology 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions
344Estimating and Costing 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions
343Design of Steel and RCC 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions
342Construction Management 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions

Branch: Electrical Engineering

IdFile NameSemesterCategoryAction
341Switchgear and Protection 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions
340Microprocessor and Microcontroller 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions
339Switchgear and Protection 2022 Odd Supp/Comp5Previous Year Questions
338Illumination Practices 2022 odd5Previous Year Questions
337Energy Conservation and Audit 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions
336Electric Traction 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions

Branch: Electronics Engineering

IdFile NameSemesterCategoryAction
333Mobile and Wireless Communication 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions
332Microwave and Radar 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions
331Industrial Automation 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions
330Embedded System 2022 Odd5Previous Year Questions