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Doc Sansar is a multifunctional website where individuals can access study materials for the SBTE (State Board of Technical Education) board and various useful tools.

Study Materials

Doc Sansar provides an extensive collection of study materials, including notes, previous question banks, practical notes, term works, syllabuses, and other resources for the SBTE (State Board of Technical Education) board. Additionally, we have plans to publish content for other boards in the upcoming days. Explore study materials for:


Doc Sansar also offers various useful tools for different purposes. Many tools are already live and available for use, while others are currently under development. Explore some of our tools, including:


Doc Sansar was created by Abhishek Kumar, currently in his 6th semester pursuing a Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering at Government Polytechnic Patna-7. To learn more about Abhishek Kumar and explore his portfolio, visit our website.


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